What’s Inside

Essential Care for the Body
Designed with the naturalist in mind, each formula draws from essential oils' well-known skin rejuvenating effects, showing you how to best care for your unique skin and hair type using all-natural botanicals.
Essential Care for the Face
Caring for your face is a delicate matter and should be one of your highest priorities. By adding essential oils to your daily regimen you will diminish wrinkles and receive many other benefits from the oils such as their powerful antioxidant and antiseptic properties.
Essential Care for the Hair
Searching for a method to stimulate more hair growth or prevent hair loss? Or, if you are just looking to make your hair more radiant and beautiful, essential oils added to your hair regimen offer promise.
Essential Care for the Mouth
Using essential oils in mouth care so be no surprise. Herbs have traditionally been used in dental care and essential oils serve as a great alternative to commercial products containing fluoride and other harmful chemicals.
Essential Care for the Hands and Nails
Present your perfect ten. Your nails will greatly benefit from essential oils' nourishing and healing properties, enhancing their appearance. Nail butters and oil treatments not only strengthen and prevent them from becoming brittle, but cure common problems like fungus.
Essential Care for the Feet
No matter if you're barefoot and pregnant or stepping out on the town in platform heels, we all rely on our feet to carry us everywhere and even dance the night away! Give your achy feet a break and treat your feet when they are tired, sore, cracked or simply worn out.


Reviews & Testimonials

The recipes work with easy to follow instructions. Great explanations of skin care. I learnt a lot reading this book. Love the gift ideas. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

- Ruth, Amazon Review

As a new soap maker I found this book to be a wealth of information! I have it on my kindle and am actually going to by a hard copy. I've learned so much about skin types, fragrance combinations & so much more! It's really hard to put down..

- Cookie, Amazon Review

I purchased a few books on DIY beauty products, and this is by far the best. It does not include makeup, but lotions, soaps, facial creams and much much more. This is a staple in my DIY work and just made me want to do eve more of my own natural products. I would highly recommend this book to anyone from beginner to experienced.

- BDTaylor, Amazon Review

This is a wonderful book and a superb guide to essential oils. The writer was very thorough and included recipes for skin, hair,mouth, feet, hands - let me say for every part of the body. The recipes are also easy to follow and come from things that are already in the home. I am new to making cosmetics so I wanted a book that would guide me to the use of the various essential oils - this book did not disappoint! All I wanted to know about essential oils was there. I now know how to use them for my health and skin care. This book is a classic. a must have for everyone who wants to get in the organic skin care business. Beautifully written and so easy to work with. It is one of my favourites. Many thanks to the author Ms.Rebecca Park Totilo.

- Esther, Amazon Review

I've recently been having an issue with my body lotion and the soap I've been using. Every time I would get out the shower I'd itch and it was because the soap was too harsh on my skin and would remove all the natural oil from my body! Thank god for Rebecca Totilo. The best part is that the book doesn't just stop at teaching you how to make your own soaps or body wash, you can also make your own mouthwash (the spearmint-aloe is INCREDIBLE) and lip balm! Its insane and absolutely amazing all the same time. Literally everything that author Rebecca Totilo writes about are products that leave you feeling refreshed, clean and completed renewed! Now I'm itch free and loving my yogurt walnut facial scrub and my Rosewater night cream. Greatest book ever! Kid you not!

- Charlie (Reuben), Amazon Review

I recently opened my own massage business and I work going to different peoples homes. Basically what I wanted to do was offer a service where I could use organic, soothing oils and lotions that would rejuvenate and refresh my clients all while allowing their bodies to absorb essential nutrients. Sure, I found products I could buy at stores that promised the same effects for a lot more money, but I would end up losing more then I was gaining. Then I found this book. I don't know what I would've done without it. It was literally everything I was looking for. I was able to create all different types of massage oils: lemon-aloe, grape-fruit honey, the list goes on!. The best thing was that all these ingredients barely cost me anything! And I have so much fun experimenting with different ingredients! My clients love it and my business is booming! Couldn't have done it without this.

- DJesus, Amazon Review

About the Author

Rebecca Park Totilo is a sought-after international speaker on essential oils and offers online courses on aromatherapy and perfume making on her website http://HealWithOil.com.
As a prolific, award-winning writer of both inspirational and instructional books, she has authored or co-authored over 40 books with some titles selling over one million copies.
Rebecca runs a chic soap boutique and works as a certified aromatherapist in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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